DFE252010P-R47M=P2, Fixed Inductor 470nH 5A R

PartNumber: DFE252010P-R47M=P2
Ном. номер: 8074418135
Производитель: Murata Power Solutions
DFE252010P-R47M=P2, Fixed Inductor 470nH 5A R
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DFE252010P Series Metal Alloy Inductors
DFE252010P Series metal alloy inductors incorporate a magnetic iron powder that allows capability for a large current. These SMD fixed inductors are reflow solderable and have a low audible noise. These SMD inductors are a miniature size: 2520 footprint(2.5 mmx2.0 mm) and a low profile(1.0 mm Max. height
These metal alloy inductors use flat wire for low DC resistance. The operating temperature for these inductors is: -40∼+125°C

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Murata DFE252010P Series Metal Alloy inductors Datasheet DFE252010P-R47M=P2