DIN 85, 963, 934 & 125, A4 s/steel slotted machin

PartNumber: DIN 85, 963, 934 & 125
Ном. номер: 8062883908
Производитель: DIN
DIN 85, 963, 934 & 125, A4 s/steel slotted machin
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A4 Stainless Steel, Metric, Slotted Pan & Countersunk Heads

A4 Stainless steel screw/bolt kit with size M3, M4, M5, M6

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Kit Contents
Head TypeThread SizeL (mm)QtyL (mm)QtyL (mm)QtyL (mm)NutsWashers
Slotted PanM36401012302030320385
Slotted CSKM3660122040n/a
Slotted PanM41050162515175175
Slotted CSKM41240162020n/a
Slotted PanM512201625108989
Slotted CSKM51220202515n/a
Slotted PanM612301625156565
Slotted CSKM61210202510n/a

A4 grade 18//8 Stainless Steel
(Type 304 S16)
Screws to DIN85 & DIN963A
Nuts to DIN934
Washers to DIN125

Fasteners & Fixings

Технические параметры

Тип привода
обработка поверхности
форма головки
Flat, Pan
Stainless steel
число частей
размер резьбы
M3, M4, M5, M6
Screw/Bolts Lengths
6 → 40mm
Screw/Bolt Length Shortest
Stainless Steel Type
316, A4
Screw/Bolt Length Longest
Screw/Bolt Type
Machine Screw

Дополнительная информация

A4 stainless Steel slotted Machine Screw Kit DIN 85, 963, 934 & 125
Fasteners Selection Guide DIN 85, 963, 934 & 125