DM163029, Демонстрационный комплект, PIC16F917, мехатроника, демонстрационный комплект, датчик температуры

PartNumber: DM163029
Ном. номер: 8093984954
Производитель: Microchip
DM163029, Демонстрационный комплект, PIC16F917, мехатроника, демонстрационный комплект, датчик температуры
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The DM163029 is a mechatronics demonstration kit. The demonstration board is an easy to use mechatronics development and demonstration platform. The mechatronics refers to implementing intelligent control in a mechanical system. The demonstration kit takes a hands on approach to learning about mechatronics. Jumper wires are provided in the kit which allow the developer to experiment with connecting the PIC microcontroller to various components on the board. These components include sensors, LEDs, human input devices and motor drivers. PICmicro microcontrollers are ideal for use in mechatronic systems due to their small size, high efficiency, speed and abundance of peripheral configurations. mechatronic systems range in complexity from a simple electromechanical switch with output multiplexing to the complex stabilizer control of a supersonic jet. The board comes with nine example projects which include firmware, connection diagrams (for the wire jumpers) and schematics.

• PIC16F917 MCU with 8 MHz internal oscillator and On board LCD module
• The on board contains over current protection circuit
• PICDEM has ICSP programming capability and MPLAB ICD 2 interface connector
• Optical speed sensor for brushed DC motor
• 32.768KHz crystal for time generation
• Board contains 5V regulator
• It supports for RS 232 interface
• 20 pin socket compatible with all 8 pin, 14 pin and 20 pin flash MCU devices

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