DM240013-2, Microstick for 5V PIC24F

PartNumber: DM240013-2
Ном. номер: 8101501476
Производитель: Microchip
DM240013-2, Microstick for 5V PIC24F
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Microstick PIC24F K Development Board
Microstick for PIC24F K-series is a flexible USB powered development platform. It's the perfect solution for those looking to get started with Microchip's DIP-packaged PIC24 16-bit microcontroller family. Applications include extremely cost sensitive consumer, medical and industrial instruments. There are two versions for 3.3V and 5V parts.

Compatible with the 16-bit XLP Development Board (RS 686-8688 )
Supports SDIP28 package only
For +3.3V parts, PIC24FxxKL & PIC24FxxKA, use DM240013-1 (RS 755-3090 )
For +5.0V parts, PIC24FVxxKM & PIC24FVxxKA, use DM240013-2 (RS 798-9569 )
Integrated Programmer/Debugger: No external debugger required
USB powered
MPLAB IDE support
DUT socket: flexible, easy device swapping
Works stand-alone or plugged into a prototyping board
Easy access to all device signals for probing
User LED
Reset button
Dimensions: 20 x 69mm

+3.3V part: USB cable, PIC24F16KL402, PIC24F16KA102 devices
+5.0V part: USB cable, PIC24FV16KM202 device

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Microstick for 5V PIC24F information sheet DM240013-2