DPM, Differential Pressure Mon

PartNumber: DPM
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Производитель: Domnick Hunter
DPM, Differential Pressure Mon
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Oil-X Evolution Series Filters - General Purpose Grade AO & High Efficiency Grad Oil-X Evolution Series Filters - General Purpose Grade AO & High Efficiency Grade AA

Meets and exceeds requirements for compressed air quality
Improved air flow management for low energy consumption.
Oil vapour removal
Drainage ribs and no wet band formation
Improved element replacement
Fully corrosion protected
Incident monitor (available separately) to indicate premature high differential pressure. It can be retrofitted to existing housings without depressurising the system.
Fixing clamps (available separately) allow the joining of two filters and act as wall mounting brackets

Technical Specification - Element Grade AO
High efficiency general purpose protection, particle removal down to 1 micron, including water and oil aerosols. Maximum remaining oil aerosol content: 0.6mg/m3 at 21°C (0.5 ppm(w) at 70°F)

Technical Specification - Filter units
Max. Operating Pressure16 bar (232 psi)
Max. Operating Temperature80°C (176°F)
Min. Operating Temperature1.5°C (35°F)

Technical Specification - AA Grade Elements
For high efficiency oil removal/filtration prcede with AO grade filter
Particle removal down to 0.01 microns, including water and oil aerosols
Maximum remaining oil aerosol content: 0.01mg/m 3 or 0.01 ppm(w) at 21°C

ISO 8573.1

AO or AA grade Filter as appropriate


Key Characteristics
CLASSParticle sizePressure Dewpoint °C(Including vapour)
in μm(ppm. vol) at 7 bar g (100 psi g)mg/m 3
10.1-70 (0.3)0.01
21-40 (16)0.1
35-20 (128)1.0
415+3 (940)5
540+7 (1240)25
6-+10 (1500)-

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

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For Manufacturer Series
OIL-X Evolution

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