Ном. номер: 479660333
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
Фото 1/2 DS1996L-F5+
Фото 2/2 DS1996L-F5+
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The DS1996L-F5+ is a 64Kb memory iButton in F5 MicroCan package. This memory iButton is a rugged read/write data carrier that acts as a localized database that can be easily accessed with minimal hardware. The non-volatile memory offers a simple solution to storing and retrieving vital information pertaining to object to which iButton is attached. Data is transferred serially via 1-wire protocol which requires only a single data lead and a ground return. The scratchpad is an additional page that acts as a buffer when writing to memory. Data is first written to scratchpad where it can be read back. After data has been verified, a copy scratchpad command will transfer data to memory. This process ensures data integrity when modifying memory. A 48bit serial number is factory lasered into DS1996 to provide a unique identity which allows for absolute traceability. The durable MicroCan package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture and shock.

• 65, 536bits of read/write non-volatile memory
• Button shape is self aligning with cup shaped probes
• 256bit scratchpad ensures integrity of data transfer
• Multidrop controller for MicroLAN, data can be accessed while affixed to object
• Memory partitioned into 256bit pages for packetizing data
• Data integrity assured with strict read/write protocols
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
• Over 10 years of data retention
• Economically communicates to bus master with a single digital signal at 16.3 Kbits/second

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Datasheet DS1996L-F5+
DS1996, 64Kb Memory iButton