DS2408S+, 8-канальный адресуемый ключ 1-Wire [SO-16]

Артикул: DS2408S+
Ном. номер: 115390484
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
Фото 1/3 DS2408S+, 8-канальный адресуемый ключ 1-Wire [SO-16]
Фото 2/3 DS2408S+, 8-канальный адресуемый ключ 1-Wire [SO-16]Фото 3/3 DS2408S+, 8-канальный адресуемый ключ 1-Wire [SO-16]
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The DS2408S+ is a 1-wire, 8-channel addressable switch in 16 pin NSOIC package. This bidirectional port expander can be powered and operated from single communication line. The programmable I/O 1-wire chip (PIO) outputs are configured as open-drain and provide maximum on-resistance of 100 ohm. A robust PIO channel access communication protocol ensures that PIO output setting change is error free. A data valid strobe output can be used to latch PIO logic states into external circuitry such as DAC or microcontroller data bus. The DS2408 operation is controlled over single conductor 1-wire bus. Device communication follows the standard Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire protocol. Each DS2408 has its own unalterable and unique 64bit ROM registration number that is factory lasered into the chip. The registration number provides unique identification and is used to address the device in a multidrop 1-wire net environment.

• 1-wire pull-up voltage range from 2.8V to 5.25V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
• Controls eight independent I/O port pins from single micro port pin
• Off resistance of 10Mohm
• Multiple DS2408 devices can reside on common 1-wire bus and can operate independently of each other
• Full scale range for each DAC determined by external resistors
• Minimalist 1-wire interface lowers cost and interface complexity
• Supports 1-wire conditional search command with response controlled by programmable PIO conditions
• Communicates to host with single digital signal at 15.3Kbps or 100Kbps
• Standby supply current of 1µA

Техническая документация

Datasheet DS2408
pdf, 892 КБ

Дополнительная информация

1-Wire 8-Channel Addressable Switch DS2408S+
Datasheet DS2408S+