DT068SA-CE12, Корпус разъема, тонкие стенки, черный, Серия DT, Штекер, 8 вывод(-ов)

PartNumber: DT068SA-CE12
Ном. номер: 8018244415
Производитель: Deutsch Group
DT068SA-CE12, Корпус разъема, тонкие стенки, черный, Серия DT, Штекер, 8 вывод(-ов)
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The DT068SA-CE12 is a 8-way gray Thin-wall Plug with shrink boot cap and reduced wire seal. The shrink boot adaptor/plug mates with DT068PA-XXXX receptacle. The DT series environmentally-sealed, connector is designed specifically for cable to cable applications on the engine or transmission, under the hood, on the chassis or in the cab. Where signal level circuits in harsh environmental conditions, where even a small degradation in connection may be critical and the DT series general purpose connectors will provide the reliability and performance at the lowest cost. Thermoplastic (-550 to + 1250°C rated) housings and silicone seals are used to allow the connector to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture. The connector may be employed with either solid-copper crimp type contacts for critical circuits or budget-minded stamped and formed contacts. In either selection, the spring action is designed in the socket and shrouded by a stainless steel hood.

• Integral connector latch
• Rugged thermoplastic housing
• Tactile and audible assembly feedback
• Field proven long service life
• Engine compartment rated
• -55 to +125°C Operating temperature range

Разъемы\Штекерные и Гнездовые Разъемы и Компоненты\Корпусы Штекерных и Гнездовых Разъемов

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Серия DT
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Гнездовыми контактами серии DT
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