DU145 3/4B, 0.6 bar auto bypass valve

PartNumber: DU145 3/4B
Ном. номер: 8071176412
Производитель: Honeywell
DU145 3/4B, 0.6 bar auto bypass valve
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DU 145 Automatic Bypass Valve

Body material - Brass
Maximum Operating Pressure 6 bar
0.1 bar to 0.6 bar Differential Pressure Range
In systems with radiator thermostats the DU145 opens automatically as the thermostatic radiator valves or zone valves close down and the resistance of the system starts to exceed the pre-set pressure limit
Unique and simple adjustment mechanism
Clear indication of system differential pressure
High capacity flow up to 50 litres per minute (3m 3 /hr)
Reduces system noise and maintains even system pressure
Ensures constant flow through boiler
Lockable set pressure prevents

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