E2.YET 205, Self Lube bearing insert

PartNumber: E2.YET 205
Ном. номер: 8061834741
Производитель: SKF
E2.YET 205, Self Lube bearing insert
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Energy Efficient Self-Lube Bearings - Eccentric
YET 2 Y-bearings form part of SKF's new E2 energy efficient series. Operating with 30% less friction than standard bearings E2 energy efficient bearings provide significant energy savings and extended life cycle over the equivalent standard bearing.

SKF YET 2 bearing inserts fit to the shaft using an eccentric collar. Locking is achieved by turning the eccentric collar in the direction of rotation. The collar can be secured further using a grub screw. Designed for use where the direction of rotation is constant. YET Y-bearings are fitted with 'Superagriseals' for protection and the extended ring has been zinc plated.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications including, agricultural machinery, conveyor systems, processing and packing, industrial fans and motors, where the direction of rotation is constant or reciprocating. Bearing inserts can be utilised with the users own casings / housings or with pillow blocks, flanged units or take-up units.

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