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E2APC09B1, E2000/APC Singlemode OS1

PartNumber: E2APC09B1
Ном. номер: 8000056629
Производитель: Fibre Fab
E2APC09B1, E2000/APC Singlemode OS1
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1 930 руб.
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от 15 шт. — 1 480 руб.
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RS Pro Pigtails
RS Pro compact pigtails are fibre optic cables with a connector that has been installed in the factory at one end and an unterminated fibre at the other. The connector on the pigtail is linked to the required equipment and the unterminated end is melted with optical cable fibres or can be stripped and fusion sliced to a single fibre of a multi-fibre trunk.
The fibre cables are designed to patch into an already existing line easily.
These RS Pro pigtails come as single or multi-mode.

Each pigtail has a test certificate and is provided with an ID number

Cables & Wires

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RS Pro
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