EAS3200-F03-S, Ported elbow flow regulat

PartNumber: EAS3200-F03-S
Ном. номер: 8074160515
Производитель: SMC
EAS3200-F03-S, Ported elbow flow regulat
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Speed Controller - Metal Body Elbow

Minimises installation time and cost
Speed may be accurately controlled even at low velocity
Constant speed easily achieved
Retaining function prevents accidental loss of needle
Meter out only free flow return
Tapered port threads (not M5)
Elbow style allows body rotation through 360 degrees

Регуляторы и ограничители расхода - SMC Flow Regulators & Restrictors - SMC
Regulators for controlling the flow of compressed air to pneumatic actuators. SMC's AS series speed controllers have a larger, push-pull locking dial making precise adjustment and control easy and reducing the setting time by half. Available to suit a range of tubing diameters.

Meter in operation
Large handle makes precise adjustment easy
Lighter than existing version
Greater clearance between tubing and base fitting makes tube fitting easier
Easier and faster to adjust 8 seconds compared to 17 for current version
Impact resistant one-push locking
Colour coded dial for easy identification of meter in or meter out at a distance
Compact - Less than 2mm height difference between fully open and fully closed.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

Технические параметры

Manufacturer Series
Threaded Outlet Thread Standard
Threaded Outlet Thread Gender
Maximum Outlet Pressure
Outlet Port Type
Threaded Inlet Thread Gender
Threaded Inlet Port
R 3/8 Male
Threaded Inlet Thread Standard
Inlet Port Type
Threaded Outlet Port
R 3/8 Male
Minimum Outlet Pressure
Threaded Outlet Thread Size
3/8 in
Threaded Inlet Thread Size
3/8 in