EB006V9, E-block USB PICmi

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EB006V9, E-block USB PICmi
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EB006V9 E-block USB PICmicro Multiprogrammer Board (v.9)
The EB006V9 USB PICmicro Multiprogrammer Board works as a programmer and development board in one. You can plug e-blocks boards into the multiprogrammer using the 9-way D-type connector and/or program a variety of 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 and 40-pin flash PICmicro microcontrollers.

Features & Benefits of the EB006V9 USB PICmicro Multiprogrammer Board
∙Ghost Technology compatible — together with Flowcode software, you can debug whilst designing your projects
∙mLoader software available for microcontroller programming
∙Compatible with programs such as MPLAB, C Compilers & BASIC Compilers for generation of hex code
∙5 I/O ports
∙In-circuit debugging via PICkit2 connector
∙In-circuit debugging with Flowcode 6
∙In-circuit test with Flowcode 6
∙Charge pump capability to allow high voltage programming from USB power supply
∙2 mm power connector sockets
∙9 V operating voltage

( PCSSR_RSFRA_5078484 ) Video, New Japan Radio


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