EBAB04, Basic ePDU 0U In: IEC309

PartNumber: EBAB04
Ном. номер: 8092195789
Производитель: MGE UPS Systems
EBAB04, Basic ePDU 0U In: IEC309
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Eaton Power Distribution
Designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution, the new ePDU G3 Basic models feature Eaton's patented IEC outlet grip plug retention, colour-coded outlet sections, a low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature. Eaton basic ePDUs also provide both rear and side variable button mounting system and Eaton's patented clip foot system

IEC outlet eGrip plug retention
Colour-coded outlet and breaker sections
Low-profile form factor
High operating temperatures
Multiple install options
Wide choice of outlets, including UK, Schuko, French, Nema, C13, C19
Up to 3 types of outlet on custom zero U ePDUs
Choose from a standard set of products, or custom products to meet the most demanding needs
Vertical zero U, or horizontal 1U/2U configurations
Isolation mounting available to provide maximum enclosure integrity
Multi-option mounting improves installation flexibility. Have confidence that Zero U ePDUs can be adapted to suit any on-site rack configuration

Eaton Accessories

Application Guide & Use of UPS

Application Guide & Use of UPS

ApplicationsOff-LineLine InteractiveOn-Line
Small office & home systemsYes
Desktop PC's & peripheralsYesYes
Office PC's & small to medium sized servers & keyphone systemsYesYes
Network critical file servers & telecoms PBXs & communication racksYes
Medium sized enterprise wide servers, large PBXs & communication racksYes
Power Problem Tackled
Battery back up on mains failureYesYesYes
Mains voltage filtering (spikes & electrical noise)AdequateGoodExcellent
Mains voltage stablisation (sags, surges brownouts)YesYes
Mains voltage & frequency regulationYes
UPS Feature
Break free transfer to & from battery powerYes
Bypass: overload & load short circuit protectionAll
Sinewave outputSomeAll
Extended runtime optionsSomeAll
19in. rack mountSomeSome

Power Supplies & Transformers

Технические параметры

1070 x 52 x 53mm
для использования с
Eaton Power Supply Distribution Unit
Accessory Type
Basic ePDU

Дополнительная информация

EBAB04 Drawing EBAB04
ePDU G3 Platform Data Sheet EBAB04