ECO030D2, ECOdrive 30D

PartNumber: ECO030D2
Ном. номер: 8146062630
Производитель: eldoLED
ECO030D2, ECOdrive 30D
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ECOdrive Series Display 15/30/45 Watt LED Driver/Controller
ECOdrives are highly integrated, enclosed and easy to configure constant current driver/controllers for high-brightness, indoor LED lighting applications. ECOdrives can be integrated in a network or used as standalone devices. ShowMaster allows you to upload show sequences for use in standalone mode. Create and manage your own sequences using the TOOLbox (sold separately) and freely available PC software.

ECOdrive will power 200mA – 500mA (15W), 200mA – 1050mA (30W) and 200mA – 1.4A (45W) high brightness LEDs
Operating supply voltage range 12V – 32Vdc
3 button user interface with display
DMX and LEDSync compatible allowing 15-bit dimming and colour control and bidirectional communication for driver configuration and temperature read-out
30W and 40W have an onboard thermal interface for NTC
Single current source, will run 4 LED groups
Compact form factor 153x50x23mm
Low EMI, High power efficiency of up to 95%
Ambient temperature range -20 → 50°C
LEDcode compatible
Spring cage connectors

EldoLED LED Drivers/Controllers

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Технические параметры

число каналов
Maximum Supply Voltage
32V dc
Minimum Supply Voltage
12V dc
Colour Control, DMX, Show