EFR32FG1V132F128GM32-B0, SoC EFR32FG 2.4GHz 16.5dB

PartNumber: EFR32FG1V132F128GM32-B0
Ном. номер: 8029106788
Производитель: Silicon Laboratories
EFR32FG1V132F128GM32-B0, SoC EFR32FG 2.4GHz 16.5dB
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EFR32FG Flex Gecko Proprietary Protocol System-On-Chip (SoC)
The Silicon Labs Flex Gecko (EFR32FG) SoC provide energy efficient, proprietary protocol wireless solution for networking IoT devices. They combine an ARM Cortex M4 MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiver and a wide selection of MCU peripherals. The single-die solution offers industry-leading energy efficiency, ultra-fast wakeup times, a scalable power amplifier, an integrated balun and no-compromise MCU features.

Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio provides comprehensive wireless development and debug tools such as Energy Profiler, Configurator, Application Builder and Network Analyser. You can then spend more time on development than on debugging, speeding your time to market.

Available in 32-pin and 48-pin QFN packages.

WPAN (IEEE 802.15.4) - Silicon Labs

WPAN (ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4) Cam & Groove Couplings - Polypropylene
ZigBee is a specification (IEEE 802.15.4) for a suite of high-level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs).

Технические параметры

Минимальная рабочая температура
Максимальная рабочая температура
Поддерживаемый протокол
2.4 GHz Proprietary
Напряжение питания
Поддерживаемые интерфейсы шины
I2S, IrDA, RS485, Serial, UART, USART
5.1 x 5.1 x 0.85mm
Поддерживаемые стандарты безопасности
AES 128/256, ECC, SHA-1, SHA-2

Дополнительная информация

Flex Gecko Proprietary Protocol SoC Datasheet EFR32FG1V132F128GM32-B0