EM430F6137RF900, CC430 Wireless Developmen

PartNumber: EM430F6137RF900
Ном. номер: 8050376166
Производитель: Texas Instruments
EM430F6137RF900, CC430 Wireless Developmen
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CC430Fx series 300-1000MHz RF System-on-Chip
The EM430F6137RF900 is a complete wireless development tool for the CC430 that includes all the hardware required to develop an entire wireless project. The sample kit includes two sub-1GHz wireless target boards (including antennas) featuring the highly integrated XCC430F6137IRGC RF System-on-chip. Projects may be developed and instantly deployed using the included batteries. The CC430 integrates the latest MSP430F5xx core (which combines 25MHz performance with a 200ksps 12-bit ADC, AES hardware security module and a 96 segment LCD driver) with the CC1101 multi-channel RF transceiver designed for low-power wireless applications. The EM430F6137RF900 development board supports all CC430F613x and CC430F612x flash parts in the QFN64 (RGC) package. It also supports software development for the CC430F513x parts (QFN48 (RGZ) package). The SimpliciTI software stack (a proprietary low-power star network stack) for the CC430 will also be made available to interested developers, enabling robust wireless networks out of the box.

XCC430F6137 microcontroller, 32KB Flash, 4KB RAM
AES-128 hardware encryption module
96-segment LCD driver
UART, 2xSPI, I²C, IrDA serial ports
12-bit ADC, 200ksps
2xLEDs, 2xPushbuttons

The current version (v3.1) of the tool supports 868/915MHz operation only.

868 / 915 MHz antennas, 2xAAA battery packs with 2-wire power connectors, IAR Kickstart and Code Composer Essentials v3 Core Edition which includes an assembler, linker, source-level debugger and limited C-compiler, Full documentation.

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Development Kit
16 bit

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