ENA1J-B28-L00064L, Энкодер оптический

Артикул: ENA1J-B28-L00064L
Ном. номер: 743316172
Производитель: Bourns
Фото 1/4 ENA1J-B28-L00064L, Энкодер оптический
Фото 2/4 ENA1J-B28-L00064L, Энкодер оптическийФото 3/4 ENA1J-B28-L00064L, Энкодер оптическийФото 4/4 ENA1J-B28-L00064L, Энкодер оптический
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The ENA1J-B28-L00064L is a Rotary Optical Encoder with axial multi-purpose pin terminals and 2-bit quadrature code, channel A leads channel B by 90° (electrical) switching configuration with clockwise rotation. The rotary optical encoder has Ø1/4-inch plain end shaft and 9: 00 position anti-rotation lug position. The self-contained rotary optical encoder is suitable for digital systems where both magnitude and direction of adjustment must be provided. The EN encoder is ideal for use as a digital panel control or as a position sensing device in applications where long life, reliability, high resolution and precise linearity are critical.

• Square wave signal
• Small size
• CMOS and TTL compatible
• Long life
• 3/8 (D) x 3/8" (L) Threaded bushing
• 7/8" Long shaft length
• 64 cycles per revolution Resolution

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Datasheet ENA1J-B28-L00064L
Datasheet ENA1J-B28-L00064L
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