EQ24-R, R Pump Driver - up to 24v

PartNumber: EQ24-R
Ном. номер: 8053172202
Производитель: TCS
EQ24-R, R Pump Driver - up to 24v
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Micro Pump Controller - R Pumps
RS Pro brushless motor controllers for installation with RS Pro micro-pumps needing a motor controller. 12v and 24v motor controllers are available to suit various versions of micro-pump and have been programmed to match the performance of a specific pump. The output of the pump can be varied simply by changing the input voltage to the motor controller.

A variable voltage version is available that allows total control over the output voltage from 6-24v using a potentiometer or a 0.5v input signal. These variable voltage versions are also fitted with a stop/start option to allow the pump to be stop then resume operation instantly.

Miniature/Micro Pumps Active Filters

Plumbing & Pipeline

Технические параметры

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3-Wire (Output), Red and Black (Input)
Напряжение питания
24 V dc

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet EQ24-R