ER513+60L, Precision linear slide pa

PartNumber: ER513+60L
Ном. номер: 8028760918
Производитель: THK
ER513+60L, Precision linear slide pa
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Precision Linear Slide Pack THK ER Series
THK Precision Linear Slide Packs are manufactured from heat-treated, ground stainless steel. The slide packs are thin, lightweight, and are made up of balls that run in v-shaped grooves, circulating in a ball case housed in an inner block. The ER Series Linear Slide Pack is used extensively within electronic equipment, magnetic disk devices, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring equipment, plotting machines and photocopiers.

Complete linear assemblies with slide and outer rail (requires mounting screws for installation / assembly). Available in various rail length and slide sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

Design Benefits

The compact, lightweight design of the THK ER Series Linear Slide Pack offers a high speed accurate linear response, and stable performance over a long period of time.

Installation of the outer rail of the Linear Slide Packs ER513 and ER616 models requires use of pan head screws, size 0, to avoid the possibility of the screw head fouling the inner block.

Подвижные столы, точные Ball Slide Tables, Precision
Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction precision ball slide tables in a range of width, often used in the electronics and precision instrumentation industries.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

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