ESX10-TB101-DC24V 6A, Electronic circuit protec

PartNumber: ESX10-TB101-DC24V 6A
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Производитель: ETA
ESX10-TB101-DC24V 6A, Electronic circuit protec
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ESX10-T Electronic Circuit Protectors
Electronic circuit protector type ESX10-T is designed to ensure selective disconnection of DC24V load systems. By active current limitation, ESX10-T responds much faster to overload or short circuit conditions than switch-mode power supply. The ESX10-T limits the highest possible current to 1.3 to 1.8 times the selected rated current of the circuit protector. It is therefore possible to switch on capacitive loads of up to 20.000μF, but they are disconnected only in the event of an overload or short circuit.

Selective load protection, electronic trip characteristics
Reliable overload disconnection with 1.1 x l N plus, even with long load lines or small cable cross sections
Manual ON/OFF button (S1)
Status and failure indication through LED, status output SF or Si contact F
Integral fail-safe element adjusted to current rating
Can be snapped onto symmetrical rails for ease of installation and space-saving in control cabinets
Ease of wiring through busbar LINE+ and 0 V as well as signal bars and bridges


Электронные автоматические выключатели

IEC 934 (BS/EN 60 934) definitions
IEC requirements to equipment over-current contact breakers, in which complete short circuit either cannot occur or is limited by back-up protection somewhere else in the system.
Equipment contact breakers are divided into three main types:
RS type - that automatically switches off if there are overloads that require manual reset.
M type - functions as above, but can occasionally be used for manual shut down; is however not intended to function as a normal switch in daily use.
S type - combines overload protection with the opportunity for use as a normal on/off switch under normal load conditions.
Each of the above types has a sub-set with the following trigger methods:
TO - Thermal only. Sensitive to the heating effect of an over-current, because it uses a bi-metal or similar element as a contact breaker.
TM - Thermo-magnetic. A magnetic solenoid in series with a thermal element provides a more rapid response to a large fault current.
MO - Magnetic only. Triggers immediately when an overload is registered.
HM - Hydraulically dampened magnetic. Provides a long range of characteristics for delayed triggering and is mainly insensitive to changes in ambient temperature.
EH - Electronic hybrid. Combines solid state registration of overloads with physical circuit breaking.

Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers

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