ETP CLASSIC 30MM, classic locking bush

PartNumber: ETP CLASSIC 30MM
Ном. номер: 8146187159
Производитель: Lenze
ETP CLASSIC 30MM, classic locking bush
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Стопорные втулки ETP Classic ETP Classic Locking Bushes
Unique hydraulic shaft to hub locking bush offering infinite radial and axial adjustment. Designed for frequent operations for very accurate mounting of gears, pulleys, sprockets etc.

High concentricity and self-centering
Fast, easy locking and un-locking with few pressure screws
Automatic release when screws are loosened
Ideal for applications with smaller diameter hubs
H7-h7 hub bore and shaft tolerances
Radial concentricity 0.04mm
Temperature range -30 to +85°C, refer to technical dept. if ambient temperature is below 0°C

Dimensions (mm)
Model x BoreABCDEF
Classic 15381523173035
Classic 20452028223742
Classic 22492232223742
Classic 24492434254045
Classic 25492534274348
Classic 30573041324752
Classic 32603243345257
Classic 35633547375560
Classic 40704053436368
Classic 45774559496975
Classic 50835065537682

To select the correct bush and hub the external diameter of the outer hub should be sufficient to withstand the stresses exerted. To calculate the size, multiply the bush outside diameter by the relevant factor: Steel x 1.7, Cast Iron x 2.2, Aluminium x 2.7. If the selected hub diameter is greater than or equal to the calculated size, then the selected size is suitable.

Hydraulic Clamping Devices

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

Технические параметры

диаметр фланца
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
наружный (внешний) диаметр
номинальный момент вращения
диаметр вала

Дополнительная информация

ETP-Classic Coupling Specifications