EVAL-ADCMP582BCPZ, Eval Brd, ADCMP582 Ultraf

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Производитель: Analog Devices
EVAL-ADCMP582BCPZ, Eval Brd, ADCMP582 Ultraf
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Evaluation Board for ADCMP572/573/580/581/582 Comparator, Analog Devices
The EVAL-ADCMP57xBCPZ and EVAL-ADCMP58xBCPZ evaluation boards, from Analog Devices, are designed to evaluate the ADCMP57x and ADCMP58x families. The ADCMP57x and ADCMP58x devices are ultrafast comparators. This range of comparators represents state of the art, general-purpose comparator technology. It is therefore important to evaluate their performance characteristics with the highest band-width components available.
The EVAL-ADCMP57xBCPZ and EVAL-ADCMP58xBCPZ boards are fabricated using a high quality dielectric material between the ground plane and signal layers in order to maintain high signal integrity. All input and output signals are brought on to the board with 2.9 mm RF connectors, and transmission line paths are kept as close to 50 Ω as possible.

Comparators, Analog Devices


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Evaluation Board
Kit Contains
EVAL-ADCMP582BCPZ Evaluation Board

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EVAL-ADCMP58xBCPZ Evaluation Board Data Sheet EVAL-ADCMP582BCPZ