EVAL-ADE7953EBZ, Analog Devices,EVAL-ADE79

PartNumber: EVAL-ADE7953EBZ
Ном. номер: 8011081438
Производитель: Analog Devices
EVAL-ADE7953EBZ, Analog Devices,EVAL-ADE79
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Evaluation Board for ADE7953 Energy Metering IC
The Evaluation Board for ADE7953 Energy Metering IC (EVAL-ADE7953EBZ) works together with the ADE IO INTERFACE BOARD Z interface board. The evaluation board includes the ADE7953 energy metering IC, associated filtering and isolation to enable high voltage inputs to be used. The power supply needed for the evaluation board is 3.3 V which supplies the non-isolated side of the circuit. Evaluation software is included which is written in LabVIEW® and provides access to the registers of the ADE7953 using a PC interface. Both the evaluation board and the interface board should be used together to evaluate the silicon and can be connected together using a 25-pin connector. The connector is labelled P2 on the interface board and P7 on the evaluation board.

Energy/Power Measurement - Analog Devices


Технические параметры

Evaluation Board
Energy Metering IC
Kit Contains
EVAL-ADE7953EBZ Evaluation Board, Software

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ADE7953 Single Phase Energy Metering IC Evaluation Board EVAL-ADE7953EBZ