EVAL-ADXL375Z, ADXL375Z Accelerometer Ev

PartNumber: EVAL-ADXL375Z
Ном. номер: 8033404890
Производитель: Analog Devices
EVAL-ADXL375Z, ADXL375Z Accelerometer Ev
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ADXL375Z Evaluation Board
The EVAL-ADXL375Z is a simple evaluation board that allows quick evaluation of the performance of the ADXL375, 3-Axis, ±200g Digital MEMS Accelerometer. The board has two sets of 0.1 inch spaced vias, for population of a 4-pin and 5-pin header, for access to all power and signal lines. The vias or headers allow the evaluation board to be attached to a prototyping board (breadboard) or attached to the PCB in an existing system. Four holes are provided for mechanical attachment to the application. An external host processor is required for communication to the part.
Dimensions are 20 ´ 20 mm with mounting holes set 15 ´ 15 mm at the corners of the printed circuit board (PCB).



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Evaluation Board

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ADXL375, 3-Axis 200g Digital MEMS Accelerometer EVAL-ADXL375Z