FA13-RS, Filtered surge adaptor,13

PartNumber: FA13-RS
Ном. номер: 8002619765
Производитель: PD Devices
FA13-RS, Filtered surge adaptor,13
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Filtered Surge Adaptors & Plugs

Designed to provide low cost protection against mains induced interference for computers and other sensitive equipment
Reduce the effects of RFI, surges and voltage spikes
Capability to withstand 6.5kA surge

TypeTransient Response Time (ns)RFI Attenuation (Typ) at 1MHz (dB)Stock no.
3A Adaptor<>55 239-567
7A Adaptor<>50 239-573
13A Adaptor<>45 239-472
3A Plug<>55 238-902
7A Plug<>50 238-918
13A Plug<>45 238-924

BT D2976

Transient Voltage Suppressors (Mains, Domestic)
Voltage surges, often referred to as spikes or transient overvoltages are typically caused by switching of fluorescent lights, fuses blowing or nearby lightning activity. For protecting mains power systems, categories A, B and C (mains) devices are used. All mains style products in this section are location category B and exceed the requirements of location category A making them suitable for use in both locations.

The line drawing is a brief summary of some locations/situations only, and specification/installation engineers need to follow the detail within BS6651.

Passive Components

Технические параметры

93 x 63 x 63mm
максимальный ток выброса
Максимально допустимое напряжение
250 V ac
Suppressor Type
Mains Protector

Дополнительная информация

BS 1363 (UK) Surge & RFI Protected Adaptors Data Sheet