FDSD0630-H-2R2M=P3, Fixed Inductor 2.2uH 7.1A

PartNumber: FDSD0630-H-2R2M=P3
Ном. номер: 8147325118
Производитель: Murata Power Solutions
FDSD0630-H-2R2M=P3, Fixed Inductor 2.2uH 7.1A
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0630 Series Metal Alloy Inductors
FDSD0630 Series metal alloy inductors incorporate a magnetic iron powder that allows capability for a large current. These SMD fixed inductors are reflow solderable and have a low audible core noise. These SMD inductors are 7.0 x6.6 mm square and 3.0 mm Max. height.
These metal alloy inductors use flat wire for low DC resistance and are ideal for DC-DC Convertor applications. The operating temperature for these inductors is: -20∼+100°C.

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Murata FDSD0630 Series Metal Alloy Inductors Datasheet