FF1E3004, 10pc Ratching spanner Mod

PartNumber: FF1E3004
Ном. номер: 8039797928
Производитель: Bahco
FF1E3004, 10pc Ratching spanner Mod
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Bahco 10 piece Ratching Spanner Set in Modular Foam Insert
This Modular Foam kit from Bahco offers a 10 piece set of ratcheting spanners. Featuring tools that offer long life, comfortable use, excellent design and with the quality you expect from Bahco. The kit comes in a modular foam tray. It is designed to fit in tool chests, trolleys and drawers and is a world renowned method of storing tools. The foam protects the tools, helps identification of parts and clearly shows if any are missing.

Combinations Ratcheting Spanners
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1RM-10, 1RM-11, 1RM-12, 1RM-13, 1RM-14, 1RM-15, 1RM-16, 1RM-17, 1RM-8, 1RM-9, FF1E3004E
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Tool Kit
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