FFA.1S.275.CTAC32Z, Круглый разъем, Серия S

PartNumber: FFA.1S.275.CTAC32Z
Ном. номер: 8033117617
Производитель: Lemo
FFA.1S.275.CTAC32Z, Круглый разъем, Серия S
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The S series modular Circular Connector offers a solution for most applications. The push pull latching mechanism provides a secure connection whilst the density of the contacts provides for considerable panel space savings. Contact types include LV, HV, coax and triaxial providing for every eventuality. Hybrids including of any of the above contacts are also available. The ruggedized design combined with precision manufacturing offers excellent durability, reliability and quality.

• Secure push-pull latching
• Unipole and multipole to 106 contacts
• Full EMC protection
• Solder, crimp and PCB contacts
• Up to 230A current rating
• 5000 Mating cycles
• >144-hour Salt spray
• -55 to +250°C Temperature range

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Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия S
Тип Электрического Разъема
Монтаж Разъема
Монтаж на Кабель

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