FH26W-57S-0.3SHW(99), FFC Connector 0.3mm pitch

PartNumber: FH26W-57S-0.3SHW(99)
Ном. номер: 8061721486
Производитель: Hirose Electric
FH26W-57S-0.3SHW(99), FFC Connector 0.3mm pitch
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Hirose FH26 Series 0.3 mm FPC/FFC Connectors 0.3mm Hirose SMT FPC ZIF Connectors - FH26 Series
FH26 series SMT horizontal staggered row mount FPC ZIF connectors with a 0.3mm contact pitch that can support FPC with a standard thickness of 0.2mm. These 0.3mm FPC SMT ZIF connectors have a low profile 1mm above board design with soldering leads on a 0.6mm pitch, exiting on both sides of the connector enabling easy soldering onto the PCB. A rotational finger operated back-flip actuator is included on these FPC ZIF connectors which allows easy insertion and reliable connection of the FPC and negates the need for side latches allowing connectors to be mounted side by side. The body of these FH26 series 0.3mm FPC ZIF connectors is made from brown UL94V-0 LCP with a solid bottom surface (no contact exposure) enabling the FPC connector to be mounted over conductive traces on the PCB. The contacts are made from phosphor bronze with gold plating.

FPC ZIF Connectors with part numbers prefixed with 'FH26W' satisfy halogen- free requirements (flame retardence UL94HB)
FPC ZIF Connectors with part numbers prefixed with 'FH26' and 'FH26G' are standard design
FPC ZIF Connectors with part numbers suffixed with 'SHBW' have longer terminals

0.3mm Hirose FPC Connectors


Технические параметры

Минимальная рабочая температура
Ориентация корпуса
Right Angle
Тип монтажа
Surface Mount
Максимальная рабочая температура
Номинальное напряжение
30 V ac
Метод оконцовки
Номинальный ток
Тип соединителя
Покрытие контактов
Количество контактов
Материал корпуса
Жидкокристаллический полимер, полиамид
Материал контактов
Phosphor Bronze
Количество рядов
Тип оконцовки
Нижний контакт ZIF

Дополнительная информация

FFC Connector 0.3mm pitch FH 26 Series Data Sheet FH26W-57S-0.3SHW(99)