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FM25W256-G, FRAM, 256K, SPI, 8SOIC

PartNumber: FM25W256-G
Ном. номер: 8008325912
Производитель: Cypress Semiconductor
FM25W256-G, FRAM, 256K, SPI, 8SOIC
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The FM25W256-G is a 256Kbit (32K × 8bit) SPI FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) device in 8 pin SOIC package. This non volatile memory reads and writes similar to RAM. It provides reliable data retention for 151 years while eliminating complexities, overhead and system level reliability problems caused by serial flash, EEPROM and other non volatile memories. Unlike serial flash and EEPROM, the FM25W256 performs write operations at bus speed. No write delays are incurred. Data is written to the memory array immediately after each byte is successfully transferred to device. The next bus cycle can commence without need for data polling. In addition, the device offers substantial write endurance compared with other non volatile memories. The FM25W256 provides substantial benefits to users of serial EEPROM or flash as hardware drop-in replacement.

• High endurance 100 trillion (10^14) read/writes
• Automotive grade AEC-Q100 qualified
• Advanced high reliability ferroelectric process
• Up to 20MHz frequency
• Sophisticated write protection scheme
• Low power consumption
• Active current of 250µA at 1MHz
• Typical standby current of 15µA
• Wide operating voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Память\Энергонезависимая RAM

Технические параметры

Минимальная Рабочая Температура
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
Максимальное Напряжение Питания
Минимальное Напряжение Питания
Количество Выводов
Уровень Чувствительности к Влажности (MSL)
MSL 1 - Безлимитный
Тип Интерфейса ИС
Стиль Корпуса Микросхемы Памяти
Размер Памяти
Конфигурация Памяти NVRAM
32К x 8бит

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet FM25W256-G