FME001S102, Contact skt,coax,RA PCB t

PartNumber: FME001S102
Ном. номер: 8076908466
Производитель: Binder
FME001S102, Contact skt,coax,RA PCB t
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Coaxial Contacts for Hybrid Connectors Coax, power and high-voltage contacts
A range of Coax, power and high-voltage contacts from FCT.

Power and coax contacts matching "D" hybrid contact plug housings
Contacts snap into housing
Can be removed using the ejection tool
Power contacts have soldered terminals
Coax contacts (straight type) accept RG178B/U and RG174A/U cables with crimping and soldered terminals
For use with crimping tool (see DIN41612 plug, type "M")
High-voltage contacts available for connecting voltages up to 3 kW

RS, Professionally Approved Products, gives you professional quality parts across all product categories. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

Description "pin" or "jack" refers to the middle contact in each case

Разъемы типа 'D' со смешанными контактами Mixed Contact 'D'
Mixed contact connectors suitable for making combined signal and power connections. Plug and socket options with solder bucket or 90° PCB terminations. Shell definition: 17W2 shell can have 17 mixed contacts in total. Shell is supplied with 15 signal contacts and has 2 cavities for power or coaxial contacts. Suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications and computer interfacing etc


Технические параметры

материал контактов
Copper Alloy
покрытие контактов
Gold over Nickel
тип контакта
номинальный ток
способ концевой заделки

Дополнительная информация

Coaxial Contacts / Koaxialkontake FME001S102