FMP050S103, High power single straigh

PartNumber: FMP050S103
Ном. номер: 8008599247
Производитель: FCT, A MOLEX COMPANY
FMP050S103, High power single straigh
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DIN 41612 M Contacts

Power plug and socket contacts in both solder bucket and 90° terminations rated up to 40A
Contact resistance <3mΩ
Gold plated class 1
50Ω coaxial contacts accept RG178B/U & RG174A/U (RG316) cables by crimp and solder terminations
75Ω coaxial contacts accept RG179 cables by crimp or solder terminations
Coaxial contact resist. <10mΩ centre, <3Ω outer
High voltage inserts contact resistance, outer conductor = <3 mΩ

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Контакты смешанного типа - DIN41612 DIN41612 - Mixed Contact Range

DIN 41612 / 41617 and module connectors for interconnection in all 19in Eurocard racking systems. Connectors are compatible with RS 19in sub-rack systems. Typical applications include telecommunications, data communications, measurement and control. The different connection variants include:

Connection between plug-in cards at right angle to backplane wiring
Connection between two parallel PCB's arranged one above the other
For front or rear I/O



Технические параметры

материал контактов
Copper Alloy
Maximum Contact Resistance
максимальная рабочая температура
тип монтажа
Cable Mount
Minimum Operating Temperature
DIN 41612
для использования с
DIN41612 Type M Female Connector
номинальный ток