FPC202RHUT, Специализированный интерфейс, I2C, SPI

PartNumber: FPC202RHUT
Ном. номер: 8583216428
Производитель: Texas Instruments
FPC202RHUT, Специализированный интерфейс, I2C, SPI
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The FPC202RHUT from Texas Instruments is a dual port controller with expanded I/O's in 56 pin WQFN package. This controller serves as a low speed signal aggregator for common port types such as SFP, QSFP, Mini-SAS HD and others. The FPC202 aggregates all low speed control and I2C signals across two ports and presents a single easy to use management interface to the host (I2C or SPI). Multiple FPC202s can be used in high port count applications with one common control interface to the host. Typical applications include ToR/aggregation/core switch and router, wireless infrastructure base band unit and remote radio unit, network interface card (NIC) and host bus adapter (HBA) and storage cards and storage racks.

• Four LED drivers and 12 general-purpose I/O's per port
• General-purpose outputs can be used to drive >4 LEDs per port
• Eliminate need of discrete I2C multiplexers, LED drivers, high pin count FPGA/CPLD control devices
• Reduces PCB routing complexity by handling all low speed control signals close to the port
• Selectable I2C (up to 1MHz) or SPI (Up to 10MHz) host control interface
• Automatic pre-fetching of critical, user-specified data from the modules
• Broadcast mode allows writes to all ports simultaneously across all FPC202 controllers
• Advanced LED features for port status indication, including programmable blinking and dimming
• Customizable interrupt events, 1.8V to 3.3V separate host-side I/O voltage
• Operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C

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Datasheet FPC202RHUT

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