FS-2513P, Пленочный резистор, пьезоэлектрический, 80Гц

PartNumber: FS-2513P
Ном. номер: 8100677016
Производитель: Prowave
FS-2513P, Пленочный резистор, пьезоэлектрический, 80Гц
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Pro-Wave now presents a series of mechnoelectrical sensors and detectors produced by advanced piezoelectric polymer film technology. The polymer film of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2) exhibits a conspicuous piezoelectric effect and also has high compliance comparing with other piezoelectric crystals or ceramic materials. Because of its superior piezoelectric strain constant (g value), 10-20 times larger than piezoelectric ceramic, it is an ideal sensing material for converting mechanical to electrical energy.

• High Mechno-electrical coefficiency in planar, thickness and hydrostatic modes
• Low mechanical and acoustic impedance
• High resistance to moisture
• Pliant, flexible, tough and lightweight
• Self-generated voltage, non-contact, rustless, free of sparking

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