FT232RL-REEL, Преобразователь USB FS SERIAL UART [SSOP-28]

Артикул: FT232RL-REEL
Ном. номер: 9000382551
Производитель: FTDI
Фото 1/3 FT232RL-REEL, Преобразователь USB FS SERIAL UART [SSOP-28]
Фото 2/3 FT232RL-REEL, Преобразователь USB FS SERIAL UART [SSOP-28]Фото 3/3 FT232RL-REEL, Преобразователь USB FS SERIAL UART [SSOP-28]
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FT232R - USB to Serial UART with Clock Generator, FTDI Chip
The FTDI Chip FT232R is a USB to serial UART interface with optional clock generator output. Asynchronous and synchronous bit bang interface modes are also available. Together with EEPROM, clock circuit and USB resistors effectively makes it a "3 in 1" chip for some applications. The internally generated clock (6 MHz, 12 MHz, 24 MHz, and 48 MHz) can be used to drive a microcontroller or external logic.

A unique number, the FTDIChip-ID, is burnt into the device during manufacture and is readable over USB, thus forming the basis of a security dongle. It can then be used to protect customer application software from being copied. Royalty-free drivers for the most common operating systems are available from FTDI website. http: //www.ftdichip.com

The FT232R is available in compact 28-pin SSOP (RS 406-580 ) and 32-pin QFN (RS 730-0168 ) packages.

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet FT232RL-REEL
ESD Control Selection Guide V1
FT232R USB UART IC Datasheet(Ver 2.11)

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