FX20-80S-0.5SV, FX20 Straight Receptacle

PartNumber: FX20-80S-0.5SV
Ном. номер: 8040369726
Производитель: Hirose Electric
FX20-80S-0.5SV, FX20 Straight Receptacle
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FX20 Headers for Stack Height of 15 or 25 mm
FunctionMAX FX20 0.5 mm SMT board to board connectors with a unique floating structure that absorbs mounting misalignment errors in applications where multiple stacking connectors are used. The FX20 series header connector has a floating structure embedded inside the fixed base of the housing. This floating structure offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating of + 0.6mm minimum in the XY directions. The floating contacts self centre in both the X & Y direction and absorb misalignment errors ensuring safe and accurate mating. The floating feature of these FX20 board to board connectors also eliminate stress caused by mounting placement errors and prevent resulting solder cracking and the need for corrective re-work to be done. Large mating guides on either side of the header also allow for an alignment movement of ±1.2 mm in the XY directions. These guides make mating easier, prevent incorrect insertion and ensure that a secure connection is made. The floating feature of these FunctionMAX FX20 board to board connectors enables them to withstand severe conditions in industrial and automotive applications. The FX20 receptacle connectors contain self-cleaning dual beam contacts which offer a high resistance to vibration and increased contact reliability. These dual beam contacts are made of a high conductivity material and have 0.5A current capacity per pin. The clearance between the contact and housing is designed to prevent capillary action, protecting the contact area from solder wicking and flux penetration during assembly.

0.5mm Board to Board - Hirose FX20 Cam & Groove Couplings - Polypropylene


Технические параметры

Материал контактов
Phosphor Bronze
Количество контактов
Количество рядов
Метод оконцовки
Board to Board
Номинальное напряжение
50 V ac
Ориентация корпуса
Номинальный ток
Тип монтажа
Surface Mount

Дополнительная информация

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