G51252X09Y, Yellow low shrink temp tu

PartNumber: G51252X09Y
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Производитель: Taiwan Yun Lin Electronic Co.,
G51252X09Y, Yellow low shrink temp tu
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Tubing, Shrink Ratio 2: 1
Highly flexible, low shrink temperature heat-shrinkable tubing. Easy to handle and install, its low shrink temperature (65°C) offers exceptionally fast recovery for maximum efficiency in high volume commercial applications and makes it suitable for use on or near delicate temperature sensitive materials, e.g. PVC jacketed wire and cable. Although non-flame retarded, it meets the automotive flame propagation standard MVSS 302. Typical applications are electrical termination insulation, colour coding, covering of heat sensitive devices, cosmetic coverings colour coding and mechanical protection.

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Cables & Wires

Технические параметры

электрическая прочность диэлектрика
коэффициент усадки
2: 1
Shrunk Diameter
Sleeve Diameter
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Type
Heat Shrink
Maximum Operating Temperature
Minimum Operating Temperature

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Flexible Polyolefin Heatshrink Tubing 2: 1 Data Sheet G51252X09Y
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