G73Z-02Z, Auxiliary contact block D

PartNumber: G73Z-02Z
Ном. номер: 8025532638
Производитель: Omron
G73Z-02Z, Auxiliary contact block D
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High Capacity Power Relays with Auxiliary Contact Block - G7Z
These Power Relays come with auxiliary contact block included. Additional auxiliary contact blocks can be bought separately.

Capable of switching 40A at 440Vac (4-pole power fully applied 160A)
Compact, 40% smaller than contactors (IEC-AC1, 50A specifications)
Mirror contacts for safety function
Low noise, approx. 70dB
Low Power consumption, less than 4W dc
High insulation, load switching for 400Vac systems
Bifurcated crossbar contact
Simple mounting

For mirror contact mechanisms (certification to EN60947-4-1) refer to manufacturer datasheet for precautions for correct use. Compliance attained through a combination of the relay and auxiliary blocks.


Power Relays


Технические параметры

расположение контактов
для использования с
G7Z Series
тип монтажа
DIN Rail Panel Mount
Accessory Type
Contact Block

Дополнительная информация

G7Z Series Power Relay Data Sheet G73Z-02Z