GHOLESAW15, GripIt Fixings 15mm Hole

PartNumber: GHOLESAW15
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Производитель: GripIt Fixings
GHOLESAW15, GripIt Fixings 15mm Hole
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GripIt Fixings Hole Cutter

As seen on the UK BBC's Dragons' Den television programme! GripIt plasterboard fixings offer a revolutionary new design of universal fixing that are simple to use and install, can be removed and reused indefinitely and provide the most secure and effective fixing currently available.
This Hole Cutter is designed for clean and precise plasterboard drilling to create a perfectly-sized hole for the appropriate size of GripIt fixing.

Available in 4 sizes to fit each of the GripIt fixings size range:

15 mm Hole Cutter – RS stock number 8697879 – for 15 mm Yellow GripIt Fixings
18 mm Hole Cutter – RS stock number 8697873 – for 18 mm Red GripIt Fixings
20 mm Hole Cutter – RS stock number 8697882 – for 20 mm Brown GripIt Fixings
25 mm Hole Cutter – RS stock number 8697885 – for 25 mm Blue GripIt Fixings

Overview of Other GripIt Fixings Products:

15 mm YELLOW GripIt Fixings (RS stock numbers: 8697810 x 4 pack; 8697839 x 8 pack; 8697851 x 25 pack)
Ideal for hanging mirrors, picture frames, smaller shelves or signs, soap dispensers, notice boards and wall planners.
18 mm RED GripIt Fixings (RS stock numbers: 8697813 x 4 pack; 8697823 x 8 pack; 8697848 x 25 pack)
Ideal for angle brackets, large shelf brackets, towel dispensers, towel rails, curtain rails, wall mounted ash trays and bins, electronic sounders and buzzers.
20 mm BROWN GripIt Fixings (RS stock numbers: 8697817 x 4 pack; 8697832 x 8 pack; 8697841 x 25 pack)
Ideal for radiators, water heaters, cabinets, beacons, enclosures, monitors and rack panels.
25 mm BLUE GripIt Fixings (RS stock numbers: 8697826 x 4 pack; 8697825 x 8 pack; 8697845 x 25 pack)
Ideal for cupboards, water heaters, wall mounted televisions, wall panels and rack panels.

Also available as a UNIVERSAL ASSORTMENT KIT ( 8697854 ) or UNIVERSAL STARTER KIT ( 8697857 )

Other GripIt Tools:

The GripIt range also includes:

Ceramic Tile Saw ( 8697876 )
Under Cutting Tool (15 mm – 8697851; 18 mm – 8697860; 20 mm – 8697863; 25 mm – 8697867 )

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