GLE36111, Electrical Latex Gauntlet

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GLE36111, Electrical Latex Gauntlet
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Latex Electrical Insulating Gloves Class 1
The latex insulating gloves have an ergonomic shape plus are lightly powdered on the inside to ensure the gloves are easy to slip on and off. Due to the gloves natural latex base they offer you high dielectric characteristics. The gloves must be used with a leather over glove for mechanical protection.

Glove Class 1, Category AZC

EN 60 903: 2003 et CEI 60 903: 2002
PPE Category III = Irreversible risks

Electricians Gloves Loctite 3422 A og B, universal rapid-hardening epoxy adhesive

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room

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Glove Size
11 - XL
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