HCPL-2300, Оптопара, с цифровым выходом, 1 канал, 3.75 кВ, 8 Мбод, DIP, 8 вывод(-ов)

PartNumber: HCPL-2300
Ном. номер: 8032992883
Производитель: Broadcom Limited
HCPL-2300, Оптопара, с цифровым выходом, 1 канал, 3.75 кВ, 8 Мбод, DIP, 8 вывод(-ов)
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The HCPL-2300 is a 1-channel 8-pin Optocoupler combines an 820nm AlGaAs photon emitting diode with an integrated high gain photon detector. This combination of Avago designed and manufactured semiconductor device brings new high performance capabilities to designers of isolated logic and data communication circuits. The new low current, high speed AlGaAs emitter manufactured with unique diffused junction, has the virtue of fast rise and fall times at low drive currents. These unique characteristics enable this device to be used in an RS-232C interface ground loop isolation and improved common mode rejection. As a line receiver, it will operate over longer line lengths for a given data rate because of lower IF and VF specifications. The output of the shielded integrated detector circuit is an open collector Schottky clamped transistor. The shield, which shuns capacitive coupled common mode noise to ground, provides a guaranteed transient immunity specification of 100V/µs.

• Low input current
• Internal shield for guaranteed common mode rejection
• Schottky clamped and open collector output
• Compatible with TTL, LSTTL and CMOS
• Static and dynamic performance guaranteed from -40 to 85°C

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1 канал
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Стиль Корпуса Оптопары

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