HDHD-SVGADUO, SVGA - HDMI converter: ca

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HDHD-SVGADUO, SVGA - HDMI converter: ca
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SVGA/Audio - HDMI Converter
The VGA to HDMI converter allows you to display the image from your computer not only to a monitor but to a large TV. It will convert your PC's VGA video and audio into one complete HDMI signal. This is an ideal solution for laptop/notebook users to use larger screens

Converts VGA video and audio into one HDMI signal
SVGA 15 pin female input interface
RCA left and right Audio input interface
HDMI type A output port
Signalling rates up to 1.65Gbps
HDCP compliant
Supports up to 1080p resolution
Supports 480i, 576i & 1080i resolution
Supports VGA resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 60/75Hz
Outputs HDMI 1.2a
UK and EU Plug

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This will not convert HDMI to SVGA and cables are not included

VGA to HDMI Convertor
Power Supply (UK and EU Plug)

HDMI Converter

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