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VS-HFA08TB60PBF, Диод, Ultrafast Soft Recovery, 8А, 600В, 65нс [TO-220AC]

Ном. номер: 18054
Артикул: VS-HFA08TB60PBF
Производитель: Vishay
Фото 1/3 VS-HFA08TB60PBF, Диод, Ultrafast Soft Recovery, 8А, 600В, 65нс [TO-220AC]
Фото 2/3 VS-HFA08TB60PBF, Диод, Ultrafast Soft Recovery, 8А, 600В, 65нс [TO-220AC]Фото 3/3 VS-HFA08TB60PBF, Диод, Ultrafast Soft Recovery, 8А, 600В, 65нс [TO-220AC]
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The VS-HFA08TB60PBF is a HEXFRED® ultra-fast Recovery Diode employs the latest in epitaxial construction and advanced processing techniques. It features a superb combination of characteristics which result in performance which is unsurpassed by any rectifier previously available. It is especially well suited for use as the companion diode for IGBTs and MOSFETs. In addition to ultra-fast recovery time, the HEXFRED® product line features extremely low values of peak recovery current (IRRM) and does not exhibit any tendency to snap-OFF during the tb portion of recovery. It features combine to offer designers a rectifier with lower noise and significantly lower switching losses in both the diode and the switching transistor. These HEXFRED advantages can help to significantly reduce snubbing, component count and heat-sink sizes. It is ideally suited for applications in power supplies and power conversion systems and many other similar applications.

• Very low IRRM and Qrr
• Designed and qualified according to JEDEC®-JESD47
• Reduced power loss in diode and switching transistor
• Reduced RFI and EMI
• Higher frequency operation
• Reduced snubbing
• Reduced parts count

Технические параметры

Максимальное постоянное обратное напряжение, В
Максимальное импульсное обратное напряжение, В
Максимальный прямой(выпрямленный за полупериод) ток,А
Максимально допустимый прямой импульсный ток,А
Максимальный обратный ток,мкА 25гр
Максимальное прямое напряжение,В
при Iпр.,А
Максимальное время обратного восстановления,мкс
Общая емкость Сд,пФ
Рабочая температура,С
Способ монтажа
в отверст.
Вес, г

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