HS50 50R J, Резистор, с осевыми выводами, 50 Ом, 50 Вт, 1.25 кВ, ± 5%, Серия HS, Проволока

PartNumber: HS50 50R J
Ном. номер: 8086236764
Производитель: Arcol
HS50 50R J, Резистор, с осевыми выводами, 50 Ом, 50 Вт, 1.25 кВ, ± 5%, Серия HS, Проволока
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The HS series aluminium housed resistors from Arcol are manufactured in line with the requirements of MIL 18546 and IEC 115. These high power, aluminium housed resistors offers an unequalled balance of pulse power capability versus volume. HS series resistors are designed for direct heat sink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance. The wire wound design is used to maximise the high pulse characteristics, the power dissipates linearly to zero, even at high ambient temperatures. Their advanced design optimises stability, linearity and reliability making the HS resistors suitable for many applications including braking resistor, inrush limiter, inverter/converter, snubber and balancing resistor.

• Resistance values ranges from 0.005ohm to 100Kohm depending on wattage size
• Available in standard ±5% (J) and ±10% (K) tolerances (also available in ±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±3% (H))
• Available in typical 100ppm (< 1K) standard and 25ppm (> 1K) standard temperature coefficients
• Minimum insulation resistance is 10000Mohm, high power to volume
• Limiting element voltage range from 160V to 2500V
• 1400V to 7070V voltage proof AC peak value range and 1000V to 5000V voltage proof AC rms range
• 4g to 700g approximate weight
• Power rating includes ten wattages in total from 10W to 300W on standard heat sink at 25°C
• Wound to maximize high pulse capability, low inductive (specify by adding N before HS series code)
• High voltage, high power resistor

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Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия HS
Класс Мощности
Номинальное Напряжение
Допуск Сопротивления
± 5%
Тип Элемента Сопротивления
Выводы Резистора
Осевые Выводы

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