HSC100220RJ, Aluminium housed resistor

PartNumber: HSC100220RJ
Ном. номер: 8057487962
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
HSC100220RJ, Aluminium housed resistor
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The TE Connectivity HSC100 series are wirewound resistors with aluminium housing. These are extremely stable, high quality wirewound resistors capable of dissipating high power in a limited space with relatively low surface temperature. The power is rapidly dissipated as heat through the aluminium housing to specified heat sink. These standard and custom designed aluminium housed resistors are used in general purpose applications such as power supplies, power generation and in traction industry.

• High power dissipation of 100W (with heat sink)
• Resistance value ranges from 0.05ohm to 100Kohm
• Working voltage is 1900V
• Low inductance
• ±10%, ±5%, ±3%, ±2%, ±0.5% & ±0.25% tolerance
• Temperature coefficient is 50ppm/°C(below 100R), 30ppm/°C( above 100R)
• Dimensions is H= 26mm, W= 47.5mm, L= 65.5mm with 35mm x 37mm fixing centres
• High Power Resistor

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