IES-SHIELD-RGBW, LED Light shield, 4-chann

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IES-SHIELD-RGBW, LED Light shield, 4-chann
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4-Channel LED Lighting Shield for Arduino
This lighting shield is capable of driving four high-current channels each containing up to 12 LEDs in series. It is designed for the Arduino UNO but is compatible with all other Ardunio boards and the Raspberry Pi via the I2C interface. Suitable for a wide range of applications including room lighting, accent lighting and aquarium lighting. A built in aquarium mode simulates moonlight, daytime and night cycles using an internal 24 hour timer.

Arduino UNO shield standard form factor
Four LED channels each with 350mA constant-current drivers
Up to 12 LEDs in series per channel
Communication via 400kHz serial I2C bus
Jumper-selectable I2C address
Jumper-selectable I2C pull-ups (Not required for Raspberry Pi)
Up to four shields can be linked together via the I²C bus
Screw connector for LED power supply
Operating temperature range: 0 to +70°C
Dimensions: 56.25 x 53.5 x 12mm

The supplied LED module will require a 12V @ 500mA power supply. As the shield uses a constant-current drive, the LED power supply voltage is given by the formula V = n x 4 where n is the number of series LEDs in a channel.

RGBW 4W 340lumen lighting module with heatsink, featuring OSRAM OSLON LEDs

AVR Microcontrollers, Atmel


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LED lighting shield for Arduino and Pi Datasheet IES-SHIELD-RGBW