IES-TIK-AM- 1024600KTMQW-01H, I/F Kit for Ampire AM-102

PartNumber: IES-TIK-AM-1024600KTMQW-01H
Ном. номер: 8117600838
Производитель: Intelligent Embedded Solutions
IES-TIK-AM- 1024600KTMQW-01H, I/F Kit for Ampire AM-102
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IES Interface Kits for Ampire TFT LCD Displays
The IES range of TFT Interface Kits ( TIK ) is an advanced TFT LCD monitor control board, offering high quality images
on a range of TFT products.
This single board solution enables an easy monitor and or video replacement with a large area TFT display.
The TIK has a wide input and automatic scaling range, up to WUXGA ( 1080x1920 pixels ) at 60Hz, and in all video
modes the full TFT screen is used.
Suitable applications include monitor replacement and adding additional monitors.

Features of the IES TFT interface kits:
Analogue RGB D-SUB and DVI ( Digital Video Interface ) Inputs
Audio in and out (2x3W 4ohm)
Single 12v DC input voltage
Built-in multi language On Screen Display ( OSD ) user interface
Multi-sync capability up to WUXGA resolution at 60Hz
Compatible standard VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA VESA timing


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Ampire AM-1024600KTMQW-01H LVDS Display

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IES-TIK-AM Interface Kit for LVDS TFT Displays IES-TIK-AM-1024600KTMQW-01H
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