ILH-OG01-NUWH- SC221-WIR200., Круглая светодиодная матрица

ILH-OG01-NUWH- SC221-WIR200., Круглая светодиодная матрица
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Ном. номер: 8000105881
Производитель: Intelligent LED Solutions
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Displays & Optoelectronics
OSLON Square (3rd Gen) PowerStar LED Arrays
This range of LED PowerStars from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), feature 1 OSLON Square 3rd Gen white LED. The third generation OSLON Square LEDs utilise at larger silicon lens for an improved radiation pattern and better performance than previous generations. These 2 W high-power LEDs also offer high reliability and efficiency.
OSLON Square PowerStars are compact, powerful LED light sources built on aluminium substrates for optimal thermal management. With 200 mm wires as standard, PowerStar modules enable you to get up and running quickly and easily. An ecosystem of thermal interface material and drivers are available (see datasheet for compatible parts).
Suitable applications for the OSLON Square PowerStars include: general lighting, decorative lighting, task lighting, spot lighting, downlights, retail lighting and entertainment lighting.

Технические параметры

Outer Diameter 20мм
Connection Types Flying Leads
Brand Intelligent LED Solutions
Typical Luminous Flux 270 lm
Number of LEDs 1
Constant Voltage or Constant Current Стабилизированный ток
LED Colours Белый
Colour Temperature 4000K
Base Material Алюминий
Current Rating 2.001A
Серия OSLON Square PowerStar
Voltage Rating 2.7 → 3.2V

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