ILH-SL01-ICBL- SC201-WIR200., PowerStar Stanley 1N Blue

PartNumber: ILH-SL01-ICBL-SC201-WIR200.
Ном. номер: 8091761855
Производитель: Intelligent LED Solutions
ILH-SL01-ICBL- SC201-WIR200., PowerStar Stanley 1N Blue
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Stanley 1N PowerStar LED Arrays
The Stanley 1N PowerStar LED arrays from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), feature one LED from the 1N Series by Stanley Electric. Available in a range of single colours or white, the Stanley 1N PowerStars are a powerful light source in a compact form factor. Their unique choice of colours have been designed for retail and hospitality applications. Other suitable applications include; general lighting, decorative lighting, spot lights and downlights.

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Stanley 1N PowerStar

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Datasheet ILH-SL01-ICBL-SC201-WIR200.